I’ve been having problems recently at Forest School with children getting cold. It is so important that the basic needs of warmth and protection from the elements are met but often the children come dressed in inappropriate clothing. Admittedly, with older children it is more their responsibility but still, the message needs to get across and be taken seriously by parents too. So this message it for Forest School parents to dress your children properly!

I always recommend merino wool and although it can be pricey it is more than worth it. A good friend of mine works at an inspirational company called Cambridge Baby. They specialise in natural fibres and despite tMerino_sheep[1]he name, do clothing for adults and children too.   Anyway, I am not ashamed to admit this post is a blatant advertisement for this local company but in return I have very kindly been given a 10% discount code for everyone who reads this blog! So visit their site, bite the bullet and get your kids kitted out in the best quality thermal gear on the market.

Visit www.cambridgebaby.co.uk