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 Forest School and Outdoor Learning Alternative Provision in Cambridgeshire

Forest School

Alternative provision aimed at children who cannot access mainstream education. It takes place in a natural area where learning is child-led. Specifically, sessions follow childrens’ interests. As a result, the whole learning experience is tailored to the student. Furthermore, successes at Forest school are measured by outcome. This makes Forest School a safe, pressure free learning place. Risky activities such as campfire cooking and tool use are integral Forest School. As such, children learn to manage their own risk with confidence. If you book an alternative provision programme, our Forest School coordinator will work closely with you and the child concerned to agree programme aims. Trained Forest School Leaders run the sessions and use observations to inform planning. At the end of the programme, children are given Forest School rewards.


Woodventurers Woodland Learning

Woodventurers  (our sister company) provide Woodland Learning Alternative Provision. Woodland Learning sessions teach National Curriculum objectives through Outdoor Learning. Additionally, there is a focus on social and emotional development. Similarly to Forest School, Woodland Learning is taught in an outdoor environment. Natural resources and seasonal produce are used for learning. Futhermore, Woodventurers also do bush-craft activities to support learning. The minimum number of sessions is 3 weeks. Longer term programmes run for an academic year. Once commissioned, our Woodland Learning coordinator works with parents/carers/other professionals and the child to devise programme aims. Then we plan lessons based on the aims and objectives. During sessions, Woodland Tutors write observations to inform future activities.

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