Woodland workshops

Please accept our sincerest apologies but due to the current pandemic, we have postponed all workshops until after 1st September and the new dates are noted below. Please note: these may be subject to change.

Gift vouchers may still be purchased and will remain valid indefinitely. 

Come and spend a fun morning or afternoon in the beautiful Bramblewick woods by joining one of our bush-craft workshops. Learning bush-craft skills can be a great way to make new friends and explore a new hobby.

Our experienced instructors will guide you in learning whittling or all about fires whilst relaxing around the campfire in a peaceful natural setting. These specialist workshops are open to those aged 10 and above.

Workshops cost £40.00 per person

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Campfire Bread

Saturday 26th September 2020

11am – 1pm

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Whittling a Spatula

Saturday 18th October 2020

11am – 1pm

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Campfire Curry

Sunday 27th September 2020

11am – 1pm

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Whittling Workshops

Lighting the fire

Learn techniques for laying fires and why they work.

Cooking on the fire

Try various ways of cooking on a fire from dutch ovens to whittled sticks.

Campfire curry feast

Put your skills into practice and cook up a feast to share with fellow participants whether bread lathered with creamy organic butter  or a delicious curry served with flatbreads.

Campfire Cooking workshops

Whittling tools and their uses

Try out different types of whittling knives and chisels.

Whittling a gift

Make your own butter spreader/cheese knife or kitchen utensil to take home.

Campfire refreshments

Enjoy toasted crumpets (with butter or cheese!) or oiling your new spatula with the other participants supping a warming hot drink, all cooked on the fire.