Institute for Outdoor Learning

Sitting in the woods the other day pondering the current drive to get learning outside, I suddenly realised that nowhere on my website have I mentioned that all our courses are endorsed by the Institute for Outdoor Learning. If you haven’t visited their website, do. It highlights the vast [...]

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Christmas around the world

It’s been so exciting seeing all the wonderful things practitioners and children have been making at Forest School in preparation for Christmas. Making the video advent has certainly been a lot of fun, chickens and all. For me, the Christmas advent had to include particular items and I realised that [...]

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A shear lashing is a simple but effective knot that everyone who works in Forest School should take the time to learn. More importantly, being quite a simple knot, it is easy for anyone to master. Traditionally it is used to fix two parallel spars together which are then [...]

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The Hidden Life of Trees Amazing. And well done BBC for sharing this news allowing more people to understand the world of trees. If you've never read the book 'The Hidden Life of Trees' by Peter Wohlleben then you really should. I recommend it on all of my Forest School training courses, [...]

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