How on earth can you train Forest School Leaders or Outdoor Learning Practitioners online?

Good question, and honestly if you’d have suggested I do it this time last year I’d have refused on the grounds that these are things that should be taught in the woods not on a screen. Fast forward a year and lockdown is part of  our vocabulary. Millions of children have spent months learning online. One negative consequence of this is that millions of children have missed out on the opportunity to learn about their natural environment  and work collaboratively with their peers. As a consequence of this, ensuring teachers have the skills to teach and inspire children outdoors is more crucial than ever.

So, together with Cambium Sustainable we’ve worked incredibly hard to put together online material that enables you to do the theory part of the Outdoor Learning and Forest School Leader qualifications from home. I will support you with live video tutorials and give you practical exercises you can do outdoors yourself.

Can I qualify as a Forest School Leader or Outdoor Learning Practitioner in lockdown?

In order to gain your qualification as a Forest School Leader or Outdoor Learning practitioner you will need to lead group sessions Outdoors.   Whilst, you won’t be able to qualify until you can lead a group, you will be able to get a large proportion of the work done, starting immediately. Consequently by the time lockdown lifts you could acquire most of the skills and knowledge you need to lead sessions effectively.

Won’t it be tough working through the material by myself?

Don’t worry, you won’t be all by your self. You’ll have a live online tutorial with me after every completed module to support you. Furthermore, many students actually prefer being able to work through the theory material at their own pace. I will also give you practical activities to do; so, it won’t all be sitting at your computer.

Will I learn the same as I would on a face to face course?

Yes, the course content we cover is exactly the same. Your qualification is exactly the same and accredited by the same awarding body. It’s just delivered differently.

How much does blended Level 3 Forest School leader training cost and how do I enroll?

The cost is £900. This covers all the online training, face to face days and observations. To book contact

How much does the online Outdoor Learning course cost and how do enroll?

This is £250  and covers the online course as well as the observations. To book contact

How do I know if the Outdoor Learning or the Forest School Training is best for me?

If you’d like to teach the curriculum to children outdoors then the Outdoor Learning course is the one you want. If you’d like to facilitate child led time outdoors, which includes lots of bushcraft skills and activities then opt for the Forest School Training.