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 Outdoor Learning training courses

Outdoor Learning is subject-based learning that takes place in a natural environment. To clarify, lessons are pre-planned and have a fixed outcome that is measured against specific learning targets. For example, making 2D shapes in outdoor maths. As opposed, to the child led approach of Forest School. However, while the learning targets of Outdoor Learning may be similar to that of the classroom, the learning experience is different. Above all, learning outdoors improves children’s physical and mental health and consequently their overall well-being.

The course is taught by Toni Rogers. As a result of her experience as a primary school teacher and years of leading Forest School, Toni is an expert at demonstrating simple but effective ways of teaching using natural resources. Furthermore, to enable you to teach outdoors successfully the courses cover topics including- learning and development – managing risk and managing natural spaces sustainably. The course culminates with trainees planning a programme of Outdoor Learning lessons (Level 2) or mapping out a whole school approach (Level 3). To summarize, students complete the course with plans they can implement in their school setting. In conclusion, this course is designed to broaden the way you teach and therefore improve your students learning experience.

Research shows that Outdoor Learning

Improves children’s long term physical health and mental well-being.

Helps children develop a wide range of transferable skills for example communication and teamwork.

Improves their concentration and so encourages a positive attitude to learning.

Helps students develop emotional literacy and therefore enhances social and emotional skills.

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Course dates

Level 1 Introduction to Outdoor Learning and Forest School

First introduction to both types of learning outside the classroom.

 2 day course.

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Level 2 Outdoor Learning Practitioner

How to plan and safely teach Outdoor Learning at your school.

2 day course

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Level 3 Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator

Teaches how to embed Outdoor Learning as a whole school approach.

2 day course

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Level 2/Level 3 Outdoor Learning combined

Outdoor Learning Practitioner and also Outdoor Learning Co-ordinator.

4 day course

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