Bookings and Payments

  1. The course deposit / registration fee paid at the time of booking the course is non-returnable (this applies to all Cambium registration fees).
  2. Cambridge Forest Schools reserves the right to not accept an application or require the applicant to attend an interview prior to being considered for acceptance on any course. Any costs incurred in doing so will be entirely at the applicants own cost.
  3. By signing the booking form (by electronic means or by hand) and returning it to us the learner agrees that should they wish to cancel their booking, fees will be charged as follows:
  4. Cancellation more than 14 working days from the course start date = registration fee for the course. The learner’s registration with Cambium will stay open for 12 months and if they book to attend another course within that time, we will deduct this fee from the total owed.
  5. Cancellation less than 14 working days from the course start date = full course cost
  6. Notice of cancellation must be received by e mail and arrive not later than 6pm on any working day (Monday – Friday).
  7. Where possible we will try to offer all learners an alternative opportunity to complete their chosen course either with the same or another training provider. In these cases, the booking fee is transferable.
  8. All fees owed to us are subject to interest being charged if not paid within 30 days of invoice date.
  9. Cancellation by Cambridge Forest Schools: In extenuating circumstances, it may be necessary to postpone or cancel a course or course elements.  Students affected by cancellations will be offered alternative dates or courses to attend.
  • The deposit paid to Cambium is not refundable, remains with them and can be transferred to the alternative course. The registration with Cambium remains valid for 12 months.