It would be appropriate for me to make my first ever blog about  Forest School or trees or plants or campfire cooking but today I choose not to. Instead I would like to dedicate this page to everyone who has stepped right out of their comfort zone as I did when I learned to set up a website today.  My wonderful friend who taught me will tell you, technology is not really my thing (I much prefer wellies) but in this day and age I must make an effort to keep up with my 3 year old who knows how to use Granny’s ipad better than I do.

As I go out into the world of teaching again, I feel joy at not having to battle a Smartboard or continue my love/hate relationship with the school printer. I don’t feel that stress of finding the laptops haven’t been charged just before you need to use them or that the Beebots’ batteries have died, not to mention the horror invoked when you realise you’ve caused a paperjam in the photocopier at 8.45am. Don’t get me wrong, there is a valuable place for technology at Forest School but I find I am getting more and more attached to my most recent method of recording my work – a pencil and paper!

For those of you who are like me and need to know more there is a workshop you might like at the Cambridgeshire Forest School Conference 2014 on Using Digital Technologies to Enhance the Forest School Experience.

Till then, I will endeavour to learn more about websites and blogging and definitely write some more interesting posts about Forest School, trees, plants and campfire cooking