Wild Garlic if you have it or 2 garlic cloves chopped.

Dandelion Leaves


Nettle leaves

Goose Grass

Ground Ivy or mint


6 eggs beaten.


  • Wash and dry your weeds in a salad spinner. Then put them in a sauce large pan with the chopped garlic on the fire until they have wilted.
  • Take them of the heat and when they are cool chop them up with scissors. The heat will have neutralised the nettle sting so they are easy to handle.
  • Next beat the eggs in a bowl with some salt.
  • Combine with the chopped greens. Making sure you have more egg than greens so they bind.
  • In a large frying pan put a good glug of olive oil. Add a small ladle full of the mixture to the frying pan to make the fritter. Flip using a spatula when set on one side.You can cook several at once. But may need to add oil between batches.
  • Once they are done put them on a plate to serve.