Why take it to the next level?

Our Outdoor Learning practitioner course gives teachers confidence that they can deliver the curriculum outdoors. Moreover, it gives them the skills to do this in an inspirational way. Following the success of these courses, schools have asked how they can embed Outdoor Learning as whole school approach. Which is where our coordinator training comes in.

Research shows that even just 2 hours of Outdoor Learning a week improves teachers job satisfaction.  Anything, that achieves this is something Head Teachers need to investigate. This is especially true if it also improves learning outcomes, as is the case with Outdoor Learning.

Our Level 3 Course “Coordinating the Curriculum Outdoors” will help you make outdoor learning a key part of your school’s teaching strategy. We explore ways of teaching that use your outdoor space as a classroom.  Many schools have outdoor spaces for year 2 and reception to use during class time. Few schools in this country give Key Stage 2 children the chance to learn anything other than PE outdoors. We’ll give you the tools to effectively teach and lead the Maths, English and science curriculum outdoors. The outdoor classroom gives children a hands on experience of learning that is harder than ever indoors, due to covid restrictions.

Does embracing outdoor learning make the indoor classroom redundant?

Our coordinator course will enable you rethink how learning is timetabled. We don’t dictate that children should be outside for every hour of the school day.  Instead, we ask questions like:

  • Are there elements of this topic that could be taught outdoors?
  • Would children benefit from learning this outside?
  • How could we convey this effectively using natural resources.

How do I persuade other stakeholders?

The course focuses on bringing people with you.  With this in mind we study the background of this approach. Then, we inspect evidence supporting it’s positive impact. We look at the barriers to outdoor education and how these can be overcome. Crucially, we train you to write comprehensive guidance notes, policies, procedures and risk assessments that will give your team the support to take learning outside.

I’m a qualified teacher. Can I go straight to the Level 3.

Whilst the Level 3 course is aimed at teachers, we also ask for a relevant qualification in outdoor education. This can be either a Level 2 in Outdoor Learning or a Level 3 in Forest School. The reason for this is that in order to to coordinate Outdoor Learning you need a solid understanding of how to deliver it. If you don’t have these but are desperate to lead change in your school ASAP, you could do our 4 day combined Level 2 and 3 course.

Is it fun?

Of course it is. That is the whole point. People learn best when they are fully engaged. As much of our course as possible is delivered the in the woods. Participants, quickly experience the joy of learning in a classroom without walls. In short, we practice what we preach.