How do I work Outdoor Learning into the curriculum?

Cambridge Forest Schools’ Outdoor Practitioner course is for KS1 or KS2 teachers and TAs who can see the value of Outdoor Learning but would like some support with putting it into practice in school and using an outside space to deliver their curriculum. Outdoor Learning Practitioner Level 2  is Nationally Accredited Course (Cambium Sustainable) that many schools will fund as part of their staff’s Continuing Personal Development (CPD) as well as the benefits this training will bring to the school.

One of the best things about Cambridge Forest Schools courses is that you get a taste  of Outdoor Learning for yourself. Rather than the usual classroom based CPD courses, you too will be learning outside. See for yourself how much easier it is to retain information when you are actually doing the activity outdoors rather than learning about it in theory. Instead of the low ceilings, bright lights and crowding of the classroom, feel what it’s like to listen whilst looking up at sunlight through leaves. Experience the joy of working in a small a group to complete a task with space to move. Understand first hand why so many children find it easier to learn outside the confines of the classroom.

As a qualified primary school teacher Toni Rogers, our lead trainer, understands how important it for teachers to have the skills to effectively teach all areas of the curriculum in an outdoor setting. She uses her experience as both a class teacher, Forest School Leader and Outdoor Learning Practitioner to help you come up with innovative ways of teaching the curriculum outside, using natural resources, ensuring you work in a sustainable manner. She demonstrates ways of teaching that will hopefully inspire all children. Rather than simply running through course materials, Toni works with individual participants to identify the learning objectives they need to deliver and advises on how they will achieve this in their setting. This means that, as an Outdoor Learning Practitioner, you can immediately put your skills into practice and take the curriculum outside.

As the experts at the Eden Project say if you want “alert, happy, healthy, well-socialised kids learning all sorts of curriculum-based subjects by doing”  you need to start teaching that way. So don’t delay and book on our next course on the 7th & 8th of June. I promise it will be a lot of fun and will give you the confidence to take learning outside the classroom.