Level 3 Forest School Training

Our Level 3 Forest School Leader training is taught through 5 units of study. 

Each unit supports a separate element which, in combination, give you all the leadership skills you need to lead Forest School.

lighting a campfire

Delivering Forest School

We guide you in developing a management plan for your site. With this comes an ecological impact assessment. We help you devise policies and procedures to underpin your Forest School practise. You will plan and lead a programme of sessions and learn how to manage risk at Forest School.

Supporting Learning, Play and Development in a Natural Environment

Firstly, you will learn about education theories and how to apply it to your Forest School practise. Also, about holistic learning at Forest School. With this, how to develop self confidence and self esteem at Forest School as well as  strategies to encourage positive behaviour. We also address the value of play, learn about different play theories and explore how these can be reflected at Forest School.

Sustainable Management and Use of Natural Resources

You will learn about how to manage your Forest School site in a sustainable way. This includes identification of native flora and fauna and exploring different methods of sustainable woodland management including the opportunity to make charcoal. We explore the structure and functions of different native ecosystems and look at the threats that might affect them. This unit also covers the history of woodlands nationally and locally, and how you can use this knowledge to inform managing your own site.

Observation and Evaluation of Learning

In this unit we teach how to use observations and reflections to inform your Forest School practise. This includes exploring the intention and value of each observation type. In addition, how you are going to use observations to evidence the success of your Forest School programme.

Teaching of Practical Skills

Trainees learn how to light, manage and cook on the fire safely and how to instruct others to do the same.  Similarly, how to teach the safe use of and how to maintain a range of tools. We cover teaching  different types of knots, what they are for and how to apply them for specific purposes at Forest School. This unit also covers food hygiene and how to select the correct natural resources for a particular purpose.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Forest School Leader Training with Toni and the skills that I have learnt have been invaluable in my work.”

Forest School Level 3 Student, Little Thetford Primary School
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