Our Level 2 Assist at Forest School training is taught through 4 units of work covering the full range of essential Forest School Assistant skills. 

Assist at Forest School – Assisting with planning and delivering Forest School sessions, risk benefit and how to carry out safety checks prior to a Forest School session.

Supporting Learning, Play and Development in the Natural Environment – Learning about education theories, holistic development and learning through play. We look at how to develop self confidence and self esteem at Forest School as well as looking at how to promote positive behaviour at Forest School.

Sustainable Use and Management of Natural Resources – Studying the natural environment, learning about sustainability at Forest School, the positive and negative impacts of using natural resources at Forest School and developing flora and fauna identification skills.

Outdoor Practical Skills – Gaining competence with using fires, tools and tying knots, making items from natural materials and building shelters and know how to do these safely.