For young artists to develop their creativity and skills in the natural environment

Design and Technology

 A session for children to design, build, explore mechanics and cook on the open fire


Colours and texture

Nature craft 

Sculpture and modelling

Willow weaving

Year 1/2

Crafts around the world

Chalk and charcoal

Sculptures, modelling

Mark making, texture


Shaping and joining materials

Cutting and crafting

Large scale sculpture


 Year 1/2

Food, nutrition, campfire cooking

 Bulding structures, using tools 

Levers and sliders

Wheels and axles

 Year 3/4

Using materials for effect

Exploring colour for effect

Proportion and perspective

Sculptors and sculpture

Year 5/6

Observation drawing, perspective

Creative drawing, line, tone, shading

Pattern and texture

Colour and form

 Year 3/4

Foraged food, campfire cooking 

Designing, building, tools

Building bridges

Levers, links, pneumatic systems

 Year 5/6

 Foraging and campfire meals

3D structures – using tools

Gears and pulleys

Cams and levers