At Forest School, ivy is our friend all year round but in Winter it comes into its own as the perfect adornment to a Christmas Wreath (as featured in our Forest School video advent). You can see how to make your own in the video below.

Did you know? In the middle ages, ivy was associated with alcohol and a bunch of ivy was hung on an ‘alepole’ outside a building to indicate that wine and ale were sold there. This is the origin of the saying “good wine needs no bush” because it was known that the reputation of high quality wines from a particular establishment would travel by word of mouth so the building needed no ‘alepole’. ( I’ve never actually heard the saying in my life but in the spirit of Christmas, I plan to drink good wine in the presence of an ivy bedecked table decoration which is kind of along the same lines but – sorry folks – there’ll be no video of that one!

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