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It’s so important to take time out of our busy lives, stop and enjoy the moment. There is a lot of research telling us about how beneficial being outdoors is to our health and well-being but getting outside isn’t always that easy to fit into the day. Equally as important is to spend time with family and friends creating shared memories. Our ‘Into the Woods’ days give you the opportunity to do both these things at once. Our woods is a safe, secure environment in which you can ‘go bush’ for a day. You can forage, cook your lunch on the fire, build and construct, whittle, weave or simply take a moment to relax and enjoy the birdsong. Cambridge Forest School staff are on hand to share their knowledge and teach you new skills. We also do a rousing chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ when required.

You can make up your own group of up to 15 people or join one of our hosted family days and meet other like minded people. 

To ensure your safety, we request that each child under the age of 6 is accompanied by an adult and to ensure maximum fun, we ask that everyone who comes shows respect for our woods, looks after our kit and watches out for each other.

If you would like any further information please email us: tonirogers@cambridgeforestschools.co.uk