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At Cambridge Forest Schools, we believe that connecting with the natural world is crucial to our physical and mental well-being and that it should be an integral part of ours and our children’s lives. Our aim is to help build a generation of nature lovers who like to put their wellies on whatever the weather and get out in the fresh air. We offer practical outdoor skills like lighting fires, campfire cuisine, using tools, building and creating but also allow time to learn about nature and enjoy the peace of a rural setting. So whether you want to do Forest School training, book a Forest School fun day or relax with family and friends at our Well-being in the Woods experience days, we have the knowledge and skills to make this happen. 

Forest School Training

Modular courses for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 enabling you to assist or deliver Forest School sessions in your setting

Forest School days

Forest School days for you to experience Forest School in action: fires, bushcraft, dens, nature craft and playing in the woods

Well-being in the woods

Learn new bushcraft skills, cook on the fire, learn about nature and enjoy playing in the woods with family and friends

About Forest School training
About Forest School days
About well-being in the woods